Our Design Philosophy

  • Designed for the world

  • Made Sustainably

  • Engineered Ergonomically

Designing Desis

Our team of designers is in the constant pursuit of innovating and creating patterns that set trends, globally. They strive to build a platform for rural designs on the international front. They attempt to experiment with sketches and moulds only to arrive at ramp-ready classic footwears. Our dedicated team of designers work in collaboration with our skilled-artisans, to bring to you a new range of Desis periodically.

Handcrafting Desis

Our artisans use ethically sourced, up-cycled leather to make comfortable, stylish and durable footwear that we call ‘Desis’.
Our enthusiastic team of artisans hail from families who have mastered the age-old art of Shoemaking. Our shoemaking team is a 50-50 partnership between women and men; our women are leaders of several tasks. With a legacy to take forward through handcrafted shoes, they lay their trust in traditional methods of cutting, sewing, weaving and knotting that require precision and expertise making every shoe unique in its creation.

The Materials we use

Our core being consciousness, we make sure that the materials used are ethically sourced and organic.
The leather we used is up-cycled from the waste laid off the meat industry, to be discarded into landfills. Our shoes are blessed with the touch of our artisans and pure gifts of nature. Barks of the Sal tree and Turmeric are used to tan our Desis, enhancing them in colour and shine.


Our journey begins in the region from where the legendary “Kolhapuri Chappal” hails. In sharp contrast to its glorious past, the cobbler community couldn’t quite compete with shoes spewing factories, and “handmade” had become both impractical & unviable. So began our efforts to revive this fading heritage. Our objective was to make their creations relevant by combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, to create a new market for handwoven leather shoes, and to reignite hope in the future of this profession. Today, our artisan families see a future that’s bright, and many miles of hope ahead of them.